HRIS Benefit – Talent Acquisition / Recruitment

The Everything At Work HRIS System helps companies manage their recruitment process with its Talent Acquisition Module. Managers can request for additional manpower through the Manpower Requisition Form. In the Manpower Requisition Form, managers can indicate the job description and qualifications needed for the position. Once the request has been approved, HR can then keep track of where the job opening is posted, what channels were used, as well as the particular vendor or supplier. On the Applicant Portal of the Everything At Work HRIS System, an applicant can then view available job openings through the Applicant Portal. They can fill-up an online application form and attach their latest resume or CV as well. HR can then track the status of all applicants. They can also schedule interviews and additional screenings. With the Everything At Work HRIS, HR can easily conduct interviews through set questions, as well as rate each of the applicant’s response. HR or the interviewer can then assess if the applicant should go to the next stage of the hiring process, if the applicant is recommended for immediate hiring, or if the applicant might be suited for another position.

HRIS Benefit – Onboarding

Once an applicant has been hired, Everything At Work HRIS helps ensure that all the steps needed for the new-hire to be onboarded properly will be accomplished in a timely manner through the Onboarding Module. The Onboarding Module lets you manage and create an onboarding checklist that can be specific per department or job position. Each task will then be routed to the proper person in-charge. Once their task is done, they can update the onboarding checklist so that HR can oversee the entire process.  HR can monitor the progress of each new employee, and they can see which tasks are still in progress or have already been completed.

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