Payroll System with Biometric Time-Keeping

Using Biometric Time-Keeping Devices With Your Payroll System

A good Payroll System should offer integration or direct interfacing with biometric time-keeping devices. This helps you optimize the use of technology to remove manual processes and to help streamline attendance and payroll processing.

Bundy Clocks Are Obsolete

When tracking the time-logs of your employees, the traditional way is to use Bundy Clocks. They have been the main solution for capturing the time-logs of employees for many decades now.

However, Bundy Clocks are a thing of the past. They require a lot of manual work since the time-logs still need to be encoded into a computer. They cost more in the long run since you need to always purchase time-cards. They are also time-consuming, since someone has to spend hours just to encode the time-logs. They are also error-prone, since calculating the # of hours worked is done manually. Last but certainly not the least, they are prone to fraud, since an employee can easily punch someone else’s time-card.

Attendance Processing with Biometric Fingerprint Time-Keeping Devices

One important ingredient in calculating the payroll for a company is the correct processing of the employees’ time and attendance. The attendance will be the basis for determining how much to pay an employee; how much overtime was rendered; how much should be deducted for absences, late and undertime, etc.

With the vast number of affordable biometric fingerprint time-keeping devices out in the market right now, you can easily replace your manual bundy clock and go digital. Biometric devices are more secure, since fingerprint authentication guarantees the employee’s identity. They also work faster – since everything is digital, there is no more manual encoding involved. And with the right Payroll System, your attendance will be accurate, since attendance will no longer be calculated manually.

Direct Integration with your Payroll System

A good Payroll System such as the Everything at Work HR Management System can connect directly to your timekeeping device so retrieve time-logs directly (and possibly on an automatic scheduled basis). This eliminates the need to manually retrieve the time-logs, and can also prevent any manipulation since the time-logs are automatically sent to the Payroll System without any human intervention.