Payroll HRIS Module – Employee 201

Employee Personal Information

The Employee 201 Module of the Everything at Work HRIS System is where you can manage your employee profile data. From an employee’s personal information, to their contact information, family background, educational background, past employment, past achievements, training, skills, etc. The Employee 201 lets you store the complete bio-data of your employees.

Employee 201

Employee Job Assignment

It also lets you indicate the job assignment of an employee, and to which organizational unit structure they belong to in your company. ┬áThis can be your company’s branch, department, office, line, unit, team, etc.

Employee Transfers

Employee transfers can also be tracked and monitored through the Employee 201 Module. Whether an employee is transferred from one department to another, or from one office to another, or from one unit or line to another, the Employee 201 module will keep track of the movement history of all employees.

Promotions and Changes

Another important thing you want to track and monitor are promotions and changes to the employee status. When a probationary employee is regularized, or when an employee’s job position is updated to a higher one, the Employee 201 module will keep all this relevant data for you.

Employee Reports

The Employee 201 Module of the Everything at Work HRIS System allows you to generate a wide array of reports that will help you keep track of your employees. Masterlist reports allows you to see all active employees. These employee list reports can be organized or sorted by Branch, by Cost Center, by Department, by Unit, by Team, by Line, etc.

Demographic reports lets you sort employees by school, age group, city, town, gender, religion, among others.

For a complete list of all reports available in the Everything at Work Payroll HRIS System, please contact us.

Employee Self-Service Portal Access

The cool thing about the Everything at Work Payroll HRIS System is that employees can view their own Employee Profile information. If they see that the information is incorrect or incomplete, they can then proceed to update their records and submit it for approval. Once HR reviews and approves the information, the changes will be reflected automatically on the official Employee 201 record of the employee.

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