Payroll HRIS Module – Time and Attendance

The Time and Attendance Module of the Everything at Work Payroll HRIS System will handle the processing of time-logs to automatically compute for and determine the attendance of employees.

Attendance Policies

Everything at Work Payroll HRIS System allows you to setup various attendance-related policies depending on the rules being followed by your company. Some rules that you may configure are as follows:

  • Flexi-time
  • Grace Period
  • Earliest time-in allowed
  • Latest time-out allowed
  • First-in or Last-in / First-out or Last-out
  • Plus more!


The Time and Attendance Module allows you to process time-logs from various sources. These can be from biometric time-keeping devices, text-files or spreadsheet files. You may also manually add time-logs which will be subject for approval.

Automatic Synchronization of Time-Logs

The Everything at Work Payroll HRIS System has a special module that allows it to automatically download or retrieve time-logs from compatible biometric time-keeping devices, so that this does not have to be done manually. This synchronization can be done live (per time-log) or on a daily scheduled basis.

Attendance Processing

Processing the attendance will automatically determine the tardiness, undertime, absences and overtime of employees.

When processing the attendance, this module will check the work schedule of each employee to determine if the employee worked on a regular day, a rest day, a legal holiday, a special holiday, a legal holiday restday, or a special holiday restday.

It will also look at the time that work was rendered, to determine if it was during regular hours or night-differential hours, which is between 10:00PM – 6:00AM.

Attendance Reports

The Time and Attendance Module of the Everything at Work Payroll HRIS System will also allow you to generate various attendance reports that will show employees with perfect attendance, employees with the most # of lates or absences, either based on frequency or total duration.

Detailed attendance reports will show the late, undertime, overtime and absences of each employee per work date, as well as the total duration of lates, undertime, overtime and absences for a particular period.

To find out more about the Time and Attendance Module of the Everything at Work Payroll HRIS System, inquire now.