Payroll HRIS – Leave Management Module

With the Everything at Work HRIS Payroll System, you can easily manage the leave benefits of your employees through the Leave Management module. Gone are the days when you have to manually track the leave balances of employees using spreadsheets. Minimize and even eliminate paper forms by having employees file their leaves electronically through the Employee Portal. Stay on top of your organization’s schedule by tracking everyone’s leave requests through the leave calendar. Easily enforce your company’s rules for leave accrual and leave benefit management.

Leave Type Setup

Define unlimited types of leaves which your organization might require. For each leave type, configure your rules for leave eligibility, leave accrual, leave posting, leave utilization, expiration and conversion.

Leave Benefits Management

Issue leave benefits to employees depending on their job position, job level and tenure. Set different leave accrual rates and maximum leave credits per employee.

Monitor Leave Requests

Allow employees to submit leave requests through the Employee Portal. Automatically validate leave requests based on the required lead time. Require submission of documents based on the duration and type of leave taken . View the leave calendar to monitor the leave requests of other employees. Setup your approval workflow for proper approval of leave requests through the right personnel. Generate reports to monitor leave requests and the leave schedule either organized by employee, type of leave or leave date.

Track Leave Balances

Monitor leave balances including the details for each leave credit earned and used. View the leave ledger to view the detailed history for each employee. Generate reports to easily track the leave balances and leave ledger for each employee.

Leave Conversion

Easily convert unused leave credits to cash for issuance through the Payroll module. Determine which leave types are convertible to cash, and set limits on the number of leave credits that can be converted.