Payroll HRIS Module – Employee Relations

The Employee Relations Module of the Everything at Work System manages various aspects of the employee’s relation with your company.

HR Policies

Publish your HR Policies and Code of Conduct, so that employees can easily view them in the Employee Self-Service Portal. Empower your employees with the knowledge that they need to work within your company.


Allow employees to file their grievances through the Employee Portal, and take action on each grievance. This lets your employees know that you listen to them and that you value their inputs.

Employee Violations


Track all offenses / violations committed by your staff, and store all the relevant information. Automatically generate the correct memos depending on the type of violation committed, and the # of offenses committed. See which employees have committed the most violations, or which employees have no violations.

Legal Cases

Track all legal cases filed by the company or against the company for future reference.

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