With Everything At Work, you have a system that is composed of several modules that are integrated and work together with one another. For example:

  • The Talent Acquisition Module passes Applicant Data to the Employee 201 Module as soon as an applicant is hired.
  • The Scheduling Module feeds the Time and Attendance Module so that overtime, absences, late and undertime are determined accurately.
  • The Payroll Module gets data from the Attendance Module so that it can compute for overtime pay, holiday pay, deductions for absences, tardiness and so on.
  • The Employee Relations module passes data to the Performance Management Module such that an evaluator will see the violations committed by an employee.
  • The Employee 201 Module is able to retrieve information from all other modules to give a complete view of an employee’s profile.
Integrated System

With this integration, you only have to enter each information once, which minimizes the risk of entering erroneous data. This ensures that the data is uniform and consistent all throughout the system.

The deep integration of the system also lets people from different departments across your entire organization access the information that they need from one system. HR can access Employee 201 data, manage employee training programs and oversee performance appraisals. The Operations Department can access and configure work schedules. Finance can enter loans and process payroll. Your Legal Department can access Employee Relations to view employee violations and update the information on legal cases.

With Everything At Work, you can be assured that your entire organization is in synch with one another,and that the information is consistent for everyone.

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