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Time-Tracking for your Mobile Employees

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One common challenge that a lot of companies face is how to track the attendance of the mobile workforce. These are employees who are always being assigned to different locations, or those that are always on the go. A lot of employees fall under this category – salesmen, agents, consultants, support personnel, med reps, etc.

Most of the time, there is no available time-keeping device (be it a bundy clock or biometric device) at the location that an employee may be assigned to, or it might too expensive or impractical to purchase and install a time-keeping device at each location.

Some of the typical questions asked when dealing with the attendance of the mobile workforce:

  • How can a company be sure that the employee really reported to work on time?
  • How can a company verify that the employee is where they are supposed to be?

Thankfully, the affordability and wide adoption and use of smartphones and android devices have paved the way to solving this problem.

One such solution is – a Mobile and Cloud-based Employee Time-Tracking System.

Clockwork Mobile Employee Time-Tracking

ClockWork allows employees to time-in or time-out using an Android device. The device will capture the employee’s photo, which can let you verify the person’s identity. It will also track the employee’s location through the use of the device’s GPS feature, so you will have a good idea as to where the employee is or was. The time-logs from each android device will then be synchronized and sent to the cloud, where the company head office can login and monitor everything.

ClockWork is also a cloud-based system, meaning you can log onto its online portal to manage everything. From there, you can monitor the live attendance of your employees through the use of an online map. You can see which employees have already reported for work, who is on break, or who already left. You can also view the details of each time-log, and approve or disapprove each one accordingly.  The system also lets you easily generate time-reports that will let you see the # of hours worked by each employee at a certain location. These reports can be exported to Excel, which can then be imported into a Payroll System like Everything at Work.

There is also an Employee Portal that lets employees logon and review their own time-logs. Those that were unable to time-in or time-out can apply for a manual time-log, which will be subject to approval.

For employees who are assigned to remote offices where there is a computer and internet connection, ClockWork allows you to time-in / time-out through a web-browser. The system will use the location’s IP address to determine where you are.

So if you are still in the dark when it comes to managing or monitoring the attendance of your mobile employees, consider Clockwork as a solution to your problems.

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