Personnel Development / Talent Development

Everything at Work HRIS Payroll System Module – Talent Development

Personnel Development or Talent Development is something that no company should ignore or take for granted, as it is part of an organization’s building blocks to success.

Aside from helping each member of your team reach their true potential, implementing an effective personnel development program or talent development program will also lead to longer staff retention, as growth is an important motivation and reason for people to want to stay with your organization. Without growth, people become stagnant. And with stagnancy comes boredom and loss of motivation.

Wit the Talent Development or Personnel Development module of the Everything at Work System, you can take control of your company’s training program.

Organize your Training Program

With the Talent Development module of Everything at Work, you can organize your company’s training program to help everyone in the organization perform better in their role. You can keep track of each person’s progress and how they did for each training completed.

Schedule Training Sessions

You can schedule each training session, and indicate where, when, how, who and how much. Where will the training take place; when will it be scheduled; how will it be conducted; who will conduct it; who will attend; and how much will it cost.

Process Training Requests

Allow employees to view upcoming training sessions. They can then sign-up for a training session and go through the proper approval workflow to have their supervisors approve or deny the training request.

Gain Insight with Training Reports

The reports that are available in the Personnel Development / Talent Development Module will allow you to keep track of the most vital metrics relevant to your team’s training.

  • Track the training attended per employee
  • Monitor the attendance per training session
  • Look at everyone’s training progress
  • Monitor the training costs per department, per employee or per cost center
  • View the upcoming training schedule
  • Plus more.