How HRIS / HRMS / HCM Helps with Performance Management

Firstly, performance management is a process that allows employees to do their best and make the most out of their abilities. The performance management techniques of companies have greatly improved over the years with the help of a Human Resource Information System, Human Resource Management System or Human Capital Management System (HRIS / HRMS / HCM). Enumerated and expounded below are the ways HRIS / HRMS / HCM helps with performance management.

Easier Goal Setting

Most kinds of HRIS / HRMS / HCM allow the management to set goals for the entire company or a team of employees. Such goals are both visible to the leader or manager and the subordinates, aligning everyone’s eyes to the goals for a specific period of time. Since the employees can revisit or review their goals whenever they want to, losing track will never be an option.

Accurate Performance Tracking

The HRIS / HRMS / HCM also gives managers or team leaders the privilege to accurately monitor employee performance based on the goals they’ve set. Automated key performance indicators (KPIs) and performance analytics are two features included in the HRIS / HRMS / HCM that can help leaders track backlogs, productivity levels, achievements, errors, and success rates in specific targets through figures. Discussing how KPIs and performance analysis work and are tracked can also help the employees improve their level of productivity.

Allows Self-Assessment

If there’s someone who knows anything you do, it’s yourself. Hence, the HRIS / HRMS / HCM has a self-assessment feature that allows employees to truthfully and critically evaluate their own performance. This is highly effective because it gives employees the feeling of being involved, being trusted by the management, and empowered. Self-assessment can also help them pay attention to their own areas of improvement without feeling attacked and without feeling defensive.

Collects Feedback from Workmates 

HRIS is not all about figures and automation. It also allows companies to ask and collect feedback from other employees in tracking and evaluating the attitude and performance of a certain employee. This is helpful in character development of a person, in keeping a healthy working environment and also in promoting teamwork.

Encourages Open Communication

Both transparency and open communication play a big part in boosting the performance and commitment of employees because they won’t feel neglected. An HRIS / HRMS / HCM has a feature that allows the employees to read the comments of their leaders in appraisals, and also respond to what the leaders have written. Through the HRIS / HRMS / HCM, leaders can easily manage the expectations of their subordinates, and also ask work-related challenges directly from the employees.

Enables Development Training

One of the best ways to enhance the performance of employees is to empower them through training, seminars and through providing development materials. You can bring all of these to the table using an HRIS / HRMS / HCM. The system enables companies to provide offline and online mobile training and activities that are relevant to their scope of work and the culture of the business. Companies can be creative on this as they can use videos, PDFs, quizzes, and slideshows for easier processing of information.

Faster Production of Reports

Based on the figures gained from the performance tracking features of the HRIS / HRMS / HCM, the feedback of employees, and comments of managers, it will be easier for the leaders to create reports related to the performance of their people. Once the HR team has received the reports, it will also be easier for them to process appraisals, awards, monthly incentives, and the like.

More Organized Process

Above all, using an HRIS / HRMS / HCM makes the entire performance management process more organized. The HR staff can easily program the appraisals, and announcements for a specific quarter. Conversations between leaders and employees, skip level meetings, and other relevant information in evaluating an employee are also strategically archived in the system so you can review them anytime it’s necessary. In case you’d like to save documents from the system, you can easily download the documents to your computer. Using the HRIS / HRMS / HCM also involves less paper, allowing you to save on office supply costs.


Indeed, HRIS / HRMS / HCM makes performance management much easier for all – the upper management, the team leaders, the HR staff, and the subordinates.