Everything At Work helps you comply with government requirements in relation to payroll and employee management so that you can  go about focusing on your main business.

Fast and Accurate Payroll Processing

With Everything At Work, payroll processing is done easily and accurately. Computation for overtime pay, holiday pay, restday pay, night-differential pay is automated based on attendance data. Deductions for absences, undertime and tardiness is also done automatically without any worries. Determining the contributions for SSS, Philhealth, PAGIBIG is also easily handled based on configurable settings. Tax computation is also done accurately, while tax annualization helps ensure that the employee’s tax for the whole year is correct.

Government Reporting

Everything at Work lets you easily generate the reports that need to be submitted to the various government agencies on a monthly or annual basis. The monthly and annual reports needed by SSS, PhilHealth, PAGIBIG and BIR can be quickly generated from Everything At Work at the click of the button. Some sample government reports include the following:

  • SSS R5
  • SSS R3
  • SSS ML-1
  • Philhealth RF-1
  • PAGIBIG P2-4
  • BIR1601C
  • BIR2316
  • BIR1604
  • BIR Alphalist Reports
  • Plus more!

Scheduled Reminders

Automated reminders sent by the system will ensure that you do not forget your obligations and what your deadlines are. This will help ensure that your company always complies with government regulations and all the paperwork needed for your business to run smoothly without any interruptions. Reminders can be set for the following activities:

  • When it’s time to generate attendance
  • When it’s time to process the payroll
  • When it’s time to generate and submit the reports to the various government agencies
  • When employee contracts are about to end
  • When employees are due for regularization
  • Plus more.

Keep Tab of all Vital Documents and Information

Everything At Work lets you manage and store all vital memos and documents about an employee. You can attach any important document (such as contracts and memos) to an employee’s profile.  The Employee Relations Module lets you track all employee violations and ensure that all pertinent information is logged appropriately. Generate the appropriate memos to be issued to employees and store them in the system.

If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen. Everything At Work helps you ensure that everything is documented properly.

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