ALGAR Information Systems, Inc. as the provider of Everything at Work software application, is committed to protect and respect the personal data privacy of its end users. 

The following privacy policy applies to collecting, processing and usage of personal data in the context of the registration and use of the Everything at Work Mobile Application.

Personal Data Collected

When clients use the Everything at Work software application, the following information may be collected and stored in the system to enable the company or organization to perform its Human Resource-related tasks.

a. Personal Information. First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, Suffix, Nickname, Alias, Title, Gender, Civil Status, Date of Marriage, Religion, Birthdate, Birthplace, Nationality, Height, Weight, Blood Type, Hair Color and Eye Color.

b. Contact Information. Address, City, Province, Zip Code, Phone Number, Mobile Number, Email Address andSocial Media contact details.

c. Emergency Contact Information. Name, Relationship, Address, Phone number of emergency contact, special medical needs, and drug allergies.

d. Tax Related Information and Government-issued IDs. TIN, SSS, PhilHealth Number, Pag-IBIG number, Applicable tax, tax exemption status ID, ID Certificate.

e. Family Background. Immediate family’s names, birthdates, addresses, occupation, occupation address, and contact numbers.

f. Educational Background. Educational level, school, attainment, dates, course, honor, citations, awards.

g. Past Employment. Company, Department, Position held, Salary Rate, Salary Type, Inclusive Date, Exit Type and Reason for Separation.

h. Bank Information. Bank account number, Bank account name

i. Geolocation data to enable some of the application’s functions.

j. Photos and image of signature

The specific data that may be collected from you will depend on what your organization would require. It is assumed that prior to the entry of your data into the Everything at Work application, you have given consent to share your personal information as outlined above.

Use of Data Collected

The collection, storage, and processing of the personal data is primarily for the Human Resource Management of the company or organization you belong to.  Your use of this application is subject to your agreement between you (data subject) and the company/organization (Employer).

ALGAR shall use the Data only for the following purposes:

  1. in furtherance of implementing the Human Resource Information System for the client, which is the company or organization you belong to
  2. to provide technical support to the client with the use of the system

ALGAR’s access to such data is covered by a confidentiality agreement between the client and ALGAR.

Disclosure of Data

Your company or organization acts to protect your Personal Information and ensure that unauthorized individuals do not have access to your Information by using security measures to protect Personal Information. 

ALGAR will not knowingly disclose, or otherwise distribute your Personal Information to any third party without your knowledge and, where appropriate, your express written permission, except under the following circumstances.

  1. To authorized persons only such as its officers, directors, employees, consultants, and representatives on a need- to-know basis; and
  2. With the consent of the Data Subject or when expressly authorized by law.

Storage of Data

Your data will be stored either in a data hosting center managed by ALGAR or on a server managed by your company.

If your company chose ALGAR to host the data, we have taken appropriate measures in order to ensure that the service providers / data centers chosen comply with data protection laws, and , hence, ensures the security of your personal data.

Right to Access and Correction of Data

In accordance with legal provisions, you have the right to initiate correction and deletion of your personal data. Requests to correct and delete your data will be handled and approved by your Employer. Additionally, you have the right to access your own personal data. Requests and inquiries to access your data should be addressed to your Employer.